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Seminario “COVID-19: Herramienta para la Seguridad Alimentaria” – “COVID-19: Food safety”


Los Foros de Comercio Ético (FCE) organizan el Seminario online “COVID-19 Herramienta para Seguridad Alimentaria”, en el que presentarán una nueva herramienta enfocada a tratar el tema de la seguridad alimentaria de las empresas del sector hortofrutícola.


The Ethical Trade Forums are developing facing the Covid-19 impact on the sector and its workers, a work focused on food security has been carried out along the production and distribution supply chain.

The volunteers of this Working Group have studied the possible influence of the virus from the the field and its transport to the warehouse and distribution centers, as well as in the several phases of product handling, passing from store to consumer table.


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