Working Groups

The WORKING GROUPS started in 2018 with the aim of collaborating with our stakeholders in the design of sustainable solutions to the labor challenges of the industry.

Since then, different working groups have been set up to share and work on issues of interest to companies. They have developed and produced guides, tools, protocols and useful documents that can be found on this website, in order to share them with all the companies in the sector.

The groups are open to the participation of growers and importers that wish to participate.

Starting year: 2018
1. Responsible use of Labour providers
2. Labour standard
3. Accommodation Guidelines for temporary workers
      • Ongoing work: Evolving to circular labour migration
      • Delivered tools: Accommodation Guide + Checklist
      • Status: Stand by


Starting year: 2019
4. Communication
      • Ongoing work: Newsletters
      • Status: Active
5. Field workers survey
      • Ongoing work: Multicultural workers survey and pilot results + Survey questions review
      • Delivered tools: Workers voice survey questions
      • Status: Active
6. Empathy grower/customer
7. Anti-harassment protocol
      • Ongoing work: Sector inequalities analysis
      • Delivered tools: Anti-harassment protocol + Equality Plans guidance
      • Status: Active


Starting year: 2020
8. Covid-19
9. Workers and management representatives dialogue
10. Grievance mechanisms
      • Ongoing work: Guide
      • Status: Active
11. Circular labour migration
      • Ongoing work: Defining goals
      • Status: Active


Starting year: 2021
12. Sustainability
      • Ongoing work: Defining goals
      • Status: Active