We already have three companies trained at Canal Foros!

Dec 14, 2023 | News | 0 comments

This December we are experiencing a great progress within the pilot project of Canal Foros, the grievance mechanism that we are launching within AFCE.

On Monday, December 11, we were in the company Tierras del Condado, where we trained three groups of workers, with a total of 50 people who participated enthusiastically, learned how to use the tool and were able to clarify doubts and concerns about the operation of the platform.

The training for producers was already carried out in November, so now all that remained to be done was to move forward with the groups of workers.

Tierras del Condado is the third company participating in the pilot project. They are currently in the low production season, so they do not have more workers to train. Once the high season approaches, we will be back with them to continue training new workers.

If you think your company could be interested in being part of the pilot, do not hesitate to contact us through this link.