Update on Working Group For Responsible Use Of Temporary Labour Providers

Feb 16, 2021 | News | 0 comments

After finalising the “Best Practice guide for the responsible used of temporary labour providers”, the working group is thinking ahead to achieve the translation of this guide into a practical and useful checklist so that companies could analyse their existing risks regarding employing people through these labour provider agencies.

The current guide provides a solid base to embed basic concepts and best practices, but it needed a simple tool that companies could use as a questionnaire to verify the type of practices and risks to which they are exposed.

Therefore, this working group was restarted with the goal of creating a checklist associated to the published guide. In addition to analysing associated risks to the working practices with labour providers, the group will try to provide companies a series of clear and simple steps to determine best practices when initiating the contracting process with these agencies.

To create this checklist, we are delighted to count with the support of Stronger Together as one of our stakeholders, participating for the first time in one of the working groups of the Ethical Trade Forums.

Additionally, in February, and just like we did to produce the best practices guide, we would be seeking labour providers to volunteer to give their valuable input to this important piece of work.

This Group’s final goal would be to present this checklist in the next Ethical Trade Forum event taking place at the end of March this year.

Should you be interested in this project and/or act as a representative of a labour provider in the fruit and vegetables sector in Spain, we would love to have your opinion. You can contact us through Montse Barberá (montse@conexionsocial.com).