The Spanish Ethical Trade Forums and Stronger Together have joined forces to tackle the risk of forced labour in Spanish agri-businesses

Sep 12, 2021 | News | 0 comments

The two organisations have signed a unique collaboration agreement that will maximise the impact of both organisations in improving labour conditions and tackling forced labour in Spanish agricultural production

The Spanish horticulture sector has grown exponentially in the last twenty years, resulting in economic growth and job creation, which in turn has attracted many temporary workers. The high proportion of temporary migrant workers – often female, sometimes lacking the correct legal status and recruited through outsourced labour brokers – coupled with low rates of representation and an absence of grievance mechanisms contributes to significant vulnerability and heightened risks of exploitation.  Modern slavery is a hidden crime that many businesses are not aware of or equipped to identify and prevent.

The Ethical Trade Forums offer a space for all those in the Spanish agri-food supply chain to share experiences and good practices on a wide range of labour matters. At the same time, the Forums provide producers with opportunities for capacity building and learning with expert input and, through grower-led topical working groups, practical tools and solutions for critical labour challenges are developed.

Stronger Together focuses on providing specialist guidance, training, and resources for businesses on detecting, deterring, and dealing with forced labour that is practical, pragmatic and easy for any business, of any size to understand and use.

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