The responsible use of water, key to the environmental challenge in agriculture

Jun 11, 2020 | News | 0 comments

On Wednesday June 10, took place the online seminar “The environmental challenge in the agriculture sector”. It was organized by the Ethical Trade Forums (FCE) as part of its effort to bring together the agri-food sector and join forces to continue building together.

More of 70 people attended to listen the interventions of Felipe Fuentelsaz (WWF); Beatriz Molina García, (La Caña Group); Francisco Javier Escalante (Agolives) and José Eugenio Gutiérrez, (SEO Birdlife).

Felipe Fuentelsaz highlated that “the use of water is key” but it is important that it be a “legal, efficient and sustainable use” of which we have to make sure not only inside the farm, but beyond.

In addition, as consumers, he especially emphasized the importance of consuming products in a responsible way in order to reduce the impact of the human being in the world; to consume more vegetables and certified foods and to reduce the consume of meat.

Finally, he delved into the reality of Doñana and the Mar Menor, delving into the biodiversity of these two environments and the importance of taking care of it to maintain its balance.

Beatriz Molina garcía, from La Caña Group, focused her intervention on the efficient use of water in greenhouse horticultural crops with the aim of establishing irrigation strategies that minimize water consumption such as underground irrigation, irrigation of high frequency in low doses or recirculating drains.

Finally, Javier Escalante, from Agolives and José Eugenio Gutiérrez, from SEO Birdlife, joined their interventions to explain how Agolives have faced the different sustainability challenges on the farm through the Olivares Vivos project, carried out by SEO Birdlife.

The objective was to scientifically design and certify a profitable olive-growing model that recovers biodiversity by positioning, through a guarantee mark, said production model as a recognized and profitable added value in the oil market.