The Regional Meetings of the Ethical Trade Forums 2022 start, with the one in Almería

Mar 30, 2022 | News | 0 comments

We have returned to face-to-face and we are in luck. The first of the three days of the Regional Meetings, held in Almería, has been a complete success; We have had the participation of nearly 40 professionals from agri-food companies in the area, we have enjoyed a panel of experts who have helped us delve into the novelties arising from the Labor Reform and the responsible management of working hours , we have been able to present inspiring Good Practices and share the development of the projects carried out by our Working Groups. In addition, on a day that has given us the ability to establish a direct face-to-face dialogue, we have returned to the workshops and debate, with broad participation from all attendees and with the certainty that we are playing an important role in achieving a positive impact on the industry.

Many thanks to everyone, especially to Francisco Javier Rojas, Inmaculada Soler, Francisca Ramírez and Sonia Espigares, for having shared their knowledge and experience in the area of ​​Human Resources and Labor Law with the attendees. Also to Javier Palmero and Ramón Gonzalo, for updating us on the Good Practices carried out at the UAL Anecoop Experimental Farm and Robonity, respectively, and to Sonia Aldrove, from Fortuna Frutos, and Sandra Martínez, from Primaflor, members of the Working Group of Sustainability of the Ethical Trade Forums, which have guided an interesting and motivating workshop on efficient water was.

This is just the first stop on a train that has several scheduled stations. See you tomorrow in Murcia to continue working from the Forums with a view to an exciting future committed to sustainability and the development of the sector.