The public consultation period continues for our guides on Carbon Footprint and Grievance Management

Jan 26, 2022 | News | 0 comments

During the meeting of the Ethical Trade Forums held last November, the presentation of two new guides prepared by our Working Groups took place. These documents are made available to all companies that wish to use them and, for a period of six months, they are subject to public consultation for review and the introduction of possible modifications.

With the aim of guiding companies when calculating and reducing their carbon footprint, the Sustainability Working Group presented Carbon Footprint: Introductory Guide and Good Practices in the Spanish Fruit and Vegetable Sector”, a valuable tool that offers resources to companies in the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector for the implementation of a climate strategy to reduce emissions.

In addition, the period to consult and make changes to the Guide “Grievance management mechanisms for workers” is also still open, elaborated by the Working Group specialized in these areas. It contains information and guidance on the possible channels that can be activated, the applicable legislation and useful attached forms that can be used to help improve the work environment.

Both guides are added to those that have been prepared and published since the beginning of the Ethical Trade Forums, such as the one dedicated to Covid 19, the management of multicultural teams, accommodation for temporary workers or the responsible use of ETT’s, among other. All of them are available in the ETF Documents section of this website and can be downloaded and used by companies seeking guidance on these aspects.