The primary sector demonstrates to claim policies that allow the profitability of agricultural production

Jan 27, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Thousands of farmers, ranchers and other workers in the rural world demonstrated in Madrid last Sunday, January 23, to demand urgent solutions for the primary sector.

In the protest, called by the Association for the Development and Defense of the Rural World (Alma), an entity that encompasses more than 500 associations from the primary sector, was attended by some 6,000 demonstrators, according to sources from the Government Delegation in Madrid.

Low prices, rising costs and trade barriers are the main factors behind the mobilization. They highlighted the need to implement policies (such as the Food Chain Law) that guarantee the subsistence of a key sector for the economy and aid aimed at mitigating the unaffordable increase in production costs.

In addition, the protesters demanded that the policies be adapted to the reality of the countryside and asked for the support of public opinion and society in the face of the serious economic difficulties that the sector is going through, by supporting initiatives that allow the development of a profitable and sustainable agricultural activity.