The Labor Standards Task Force updates its Guiding Principles checklist

Aug 4, 2022 | News | 0 comments

From the Ethical Trade Forums we want to encourage the use of the Guiding Principles checklist as a tool that can help companies in the sector to make tangible the implementation of the Guiding Principles of the Ethical Trade Forums in each of their organizations and evaluate their status in terms of compliance with ethical-social obligations.

Each section of this checklist refers to a Guiding Principle, which is subdivided into different categories. Where appropriate, some context is given as an explanatory note for each question. Each subsection of each principle is made up of several indicators linked to a self-assessment of its level of compliance.

From the development of the Good Practice Guide to the implementation of the updated checklist, the Labor Standards Working Group continues to work to create a solid foundation that reflects our members’ commitment to continuous improvement and their involvement in carrying out cape. Our goal is that all our members adopt these guiding principles together with the necessary measures to guarantee practices within the law and promote good practices.

This Working Group highlights among its future plans to increase the use of the tools developed among companies in the sector.