The keys to the Labor Reform, on the second day of the Regional Meetings of the Ethical Trade Forums 2022

Apr 1, 2022 | News | 0 comments

The second day of the Regional Meetings, held in Murcia, featured a panel of first-rate experts; Francisco Javier Rojas Aragón, head of Labor Law at Garrigues Murcia, Pedro Alfonso Garre Izquierdo, chairman of the Labor Relations Committee of PROEXPORT and Ramón Inarejos Montiel, secretary of Trade Union Action and Sector Coordination of the UGT, participated in a debate aimed at analyzing the latest developments and the impact that the Labor Reform is going to have on agri-food companies. The strengthening of contracts for discontinuous permanent workers, the cases in which ETTs can be used to hire labor and the peculiarities of the demand for workers from companies in the agri-food sector were, among others, the topics that were discussed. They dealt with a dynamic and plural debate, in which the attendees were able to listen to different points of view and find guidance to draw up successful hiring strategies and in accordance with the new legal framework.

At the meeting, which brought together more than fifty professionals, it was also possible to delve into the management of working hours, overtime, remuneration linked to productivity or respect for rest days in times of high demand for workforce.

Sonia Espigares and Ramón González presented the technological solutions developed by RawData and Robonity, respectively, to streamline and secure the tasks of hiring and controlling the presence of employees, through easy-to-use applications that allow facial recognition and greatly facilitate the work of employees. HR departments while benefiting the worker. In these presentations, the experiences of two regular companies at the Forums, Anecoop and Cerima Cherries, as well as Serviterra ETT, were shared.

The attendees were also able to learn about the development of the projects carried out by the 6 active Working Groups of the Forums and participate in practical and dynamic workshops in which to share synergies and provide shared solutions to common problems.

After two years of the pandemic, the meeting served to see each other again in person and reinforce this space in which we exchange experiences and share solutions to the problems that companies in the sector encounter in their day to day.

In summary, it was a complete, varied and very interesting day, like the one we have scheduled for tomorrow in Huelva.