The ETI visit continues in Seville

Feb 16, 2024 | News | 0 comments

A few days ago we told you about the visit that ETI is carrying out to different organizations, both in Seville and Huelva. Sara Petterson, ETI Consultant Programme Manager; Nathaniel Rosenblum, ETI Impact Advisor; Antonio Serrano, Canal Foros Coordinator at ETFA; and Sergio Barberá, General Secretary at ETFA, met with representatives of organizations present in the area.

On Wednesday, February 14, took place the last stage of this visit, which included a series of meetings. The first of these was held with Comisiones Obreras (Workers Commissions), in order to get the unions view of workers main problems.

Meetings were also held with Huelva Acoge and Caritas, two organizations that are working on the field on issues of interest to both ETI and the Forums. These meetings discussed issues such as the concerns of the most vulnerable workers, migrants, those who are in an irregular situation, those who do not know the language and/or do not know how to read/write. They also inquired about problems associated with salaries, settlements, and abuses, among others.

With these last meetings, we conclude the visit of ETI, which promises to be a boost to develop these issues in the area, especially through its “Comprehensive Model” project and its special focus on the prevention of modern slavery.