The Ethical Trade Forums grow with the incorporation of AGF Fashion

Mar 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments

We have good news to share: AGF Fashion, the group made up of 16 Spanish fruit and vegetable companies dedicated to the production and marketing of the Sandía Fashion® brand, has decided to support our work by joining our initiative as a sponsor.

With the addition of AGF Fashion to the list of members who support the Ethical Trade Forums, there are now 37 sponsors who support our mission.

Thus, the family of Ethical Trade Forums grows, opening its doors to a wide range of members that include production companies,  exporters and large supermarket chains, which allow us to continue advancing in our objectives.

From here we want to celebrate the new adhesion, thank the trust that our sponsors put in us and encourage new incorporations, who want to support us in our purpose of achieving a positive impact in the agri-food industry.