The Ethical Trade Forums and Stronger Together collaborate to eradicate labor exploitation

Feb 11, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Several workshops and a webinar on forced labor focus on these risks

The Ethical Trade Forums and the Stronger Together organization share an objective: to improve the working conditions of workers and provide guidance to companies, to put in their hands training and information that allows them to guarantee labor legality.

Within the framework of collaboration, and to delve into the need to detect and address the risks of hidden labor exploitation in Spanish agribusiness, the Forums and Stronger Together announce a month of March with important appointments and events.

The first of these was a face-to-face training workshop organized by Stronger Together on March 3 at the NH Luz Huelva Hotel (Alameda Sundheim, 26, Huelva). High-risk sectors, companies and supply chains are characterized by a high proportion of migrant workers, who perform unskilled and temporary work. The workshop was intended for professionals seeking to understand the responsibilities and best practices associated with market requirements on forced labor, human trafficking, and other forms of hidden labor exploitation.

In addition, on March 22, a webinar will be held to present the National Action Plan against Forced Labor in Spain, which can be accessed through this free registration.

In this webinar, organized by the Spanish Program of Stronger Together, representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy will present the New National Action Plan against Forced Labour. In addition to new methods and channels of action, the Action Plan promotes collaboration and coordination between Public Administrations, Institutions and Civil Society, highlighting the important role played by companies, business associations, trade unions and NGOs.

To complete the agenda, the training events will continue on March 23, with an online seminar on vital labor issues for the agri-food sector.

Lastly, the Forums are pleased to share their Guide to Good Practices for the use of Temporary Employment Agencies that was prepared by their working group and was recently revised and that tries to serve as a support tool to fight against these situations, to companies in the sector.