The ETFA Advisory Committee is operating

Mar 12, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The Advisory Committee is an independent organization whose purpose is to collaborate, by providing advice, in the development of the Forums initiative, and to offer its vision and recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Association’s Assembly, on strategic issues or activities for the Association.

For some time, this committee has been operating informally, but with the growth of the Forums in the last year, we have decided to give it a boost and it has been formally constituted as the Advisory Committee of the Ethical Trade Forums Association, in line with our desire to continue being a multi-actor organization, where we open spaces for dialogue in which all stakeholders participate.

The Committee is integrated by representatives of stakeholders who, although they are not associate members of the Forums, participate in different activities, including meetings, projects, trainings and working groups.

The Advisory Committee is integrated by representatives of the following social, environmental and trade union organizations:

  • Andalucía Acoge
  • Cáritas
  • CCOO Industria
  • CONVIVE – Fundación Cepaim
  • SEO/Birdlife
  • UGT-FICA Reg. Murcia
  • WWF España

The next meeting of the Advisory Committee will be held on the occasion of the international meeting in June.