Tenth 2021 Ethical Trade Forum webinar “Collaborative Supply Chain Working”.

Dec 15, 2021 | News | 0 comments

With this last seminar of 2021, the ETF wish to give a nod to the incredible work developed over these twelve months by every one of the people and companies that have contributed with their support so that this “collaborative initiative” that are the Forums, continues to achieve its goals. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again.

At the 14 December online Seminar, Joaquín Hidalgo, CEO of Grupo AGF, gave us an interesting talk on Collaborative Work in the Supply Chain, which began with an approach to the Collaborative Economy model, addressing consumption, production and collaborative finance. He brought us closer to the Collaborative Company by sharing the economic concept of the circular economy and its relation to sustainability.

Another topic presented was about collaborative work tools and their usefulness, as well as business trends regarding sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, digital transformation and “Open innovation“, an interesting trend to be highlighted.

After this introduction, Joaquín Hidalgo explained in detail the business case developed in the “Sandía Fashion” project over the last twenty years, an example of collaborative work in its entirety.

The origin of this initiative in 2000 and the specialisation provided by the collaborators in the generation of the project, as well as the establishment of the necessary commercial alliances for its start-up and the professionalisation of the activity, were the keys to the success of this innovative business model, based on the concentration of supply at source of an innovative product and compliance with established quality standards.

Over the years, the result of this effort has been a boost for the product “Sandía Fashion” both in terms of consumption and distribution and, importantly, it has led to a change in consumer perception, directly affecting consumer trends for the better.

In short, a success story in which it has been demonstrated that cooperation in the supply chain can generate positive synergies.  To conclude his presentation, Joaquín Hidalgo explained the successful collaboration that has been maintained for years with the Spanish Heart Foundation, and its impact on society.