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Harvest prediction and capacity of plantations in fruit trees and table grapes


Empresa: Grupo Paloma
Área: Innovation & Digitization
Razón por la que se inició: Own initiative and improvement of quality and profitability.
Impacto del proyecto: Know the production in advance and set agronomic indices to improve productivity.
Retos del proyecto: Improve the technique to be able to know the production in advance and be able to act in the crop earlier to gain quality in the fruits and profitability.


Summary of the initiative and results

This technology allows us to predict the harvest in nectarine, table grape and pomegranate with precision to reduce production and manufacturing costs. It also provides us with interesting agronomic indices to be able to act on the crop and improve the quality of the fruit.



Reconciling family and work


Company: Grupo Paloma
Area: RR.HH


Summary of the initiative and results



“Housing Table” Project


Cpmpany: Cooperative Coprohnijar & ONG CEPAIM
Area: Social
Reason why it was started: Need for access to affordable housing in the Níjar region
Impact of the project: Integration of interested parties in search of a common goal.Integration of interested parties in search of a common goal.
Challenges of the project: Medium-long-term solution to the slums and access to decent conditions.


Summary of the initiative and results

Interdisciplinary community space with multiple interest groups represented in search of solutions for the eradication of settlements in the Region. Participation in the Municipal Housing Plan, pilot project for action in settlements, request for emergency aid for settlements



Ethical Seminar

Company: Looije


Resumen y resultados

Espacio comunitario interdisciplinar con múltiples grupos de interés representados en busca de soluciones para la erradicación de asentamientos en la Comarca. Participación en el Plan Municipal de Vivienda, proyecto piloto de actuación en asentamientos y solicitud de ayudas de emergencia para asentamientos.