Surveys Pilot Project in the sector

Oct 1, 2020 | News | 0 comments

One of the ETF working groups is leading a pilot project to survey workers in the sector. This project was presented by this group at the July Forums.

The company &Wider, a technical partner in this project, is providing the necessary technology so that, through mobile phones, workers can respond anonymously and in the different languages offered, to a series of questions that will help detect long-term or specific labour needs, and assess the change in working conditions and welfare over time.  This tool will allow the company to have almost immediate access to the information provided by the workers on the effectiveness of any change or intervention that the company has made.

At the moment, this survey is in a test phase in certain companies. Once its application and results have been assessed, the experience gained over the last few months will be shared at the November 5th online event, in order to work on improving it before implementing it throughout the industry.