Second successful event of the year 2024

Jan 26, 2024 | News | 0 comments

In the few weeks of 2024 we have already held two meetings, on January 23 and 25, both in online mode and with a duration of 4 hours each.

The event on January 25 was entitled “Canal Foros – A tool for managing grievances in the sector”, and was carried out through a round table discussion and some presentations on this topic and other projects of the Forums.

To open the day, we had the participation of Juan Perez, President of the Governing Board of the AFCE, who after welcoming the participants, presented the round table that discussed the implementation of grievance management mechanisms in the agricultural sector. The round table was formed by 5 speakers:

  • Diego Martinez, Information Systems Auditor at Auditta.
  • Sara Petersson, Responsible for the Grievance Mechanisms in Agriculture program at ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative).
  • Nadia Ouzmil, Production Assistant at Alimer.
  • Conchi Sansegundo, Production Assistant at Alimer.
  • María Dolores Tomás, Production Assistant and President of the Works Committee at Alimer.

Three employees were included, since their vision is one of the focuses of the Canal Foros tool, in order to ensure that the characteristics of the platform make them feel confident to enter their grievances.

The round table focused on the legal requirements to be met by grievance mechanisms, on the guarantees of informant protection, and on the effectiveness of the types of mechanisms used in the sector. Afterwards, Sergio Barberá and Antonio Serrano, General Secretary and Coordinator of Canal Foros at AFCE respectively, presented the main characteristics of Canal Foros, and Raquel Torá, QC Manager at Frutas Alhambra, told us about her experience as a company that has already implemented this initiative with its workers.

After the coffee break, Mario Diaz, Technical Manager of Ingredients at Innocent Drinks, and Quintin Lake, Executive Director of Fifty Eight, presented the update of the APP Foros project, the platform for labor and social integration of migrant workers. At this point, a call is made to stakeholders involved with migrant workers in vulnerable situations, to join the working group.

Next, Juanma Conde, Trainer of Canal Foros, presented the 2024 training plan that AFCE has prepared with options targeted at middle management, managers and workers. At this same point, Ana María Molina, Head of Personnel at Morcillomoger, shared an interesting video with her experience about the training provided to their employees within the Canal Foros.

Towards the end of thesession, the Health and Safety working group updated its progress and invited any interested to join the team. This presentation was given by Carlos Roberto Ruiz, Production Manager at Doñana 1998, Carolina Sánchez, HSE Supervisor at Hortifrut Europa, and Carlos Ruiz, Consultant Project Manager for Health, Safety, Social and Labor Conditions at Oxfam.

We thank all those who participated in both meetings and shared their contributions with the attendees.