Our best practices collection is growing

Feb 7, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Within the Ethical Trade Forums website, we have a very special section, which we make a special effort to keep updated. This is a compilation of best practices that have been presented by different companies at our events over the years, and which are available for anyone who wishes to consult them.

The purpose of documenting best practices is to share knowledge, projects and innovations carried out within the sector, to contribute to improve management and learn from each other, promoting constructive feedback.

There are two ways to access the catalog. The first is through the index, where the best practices are sorted by year of publication. The second is through the 7 thematic categories that we have created to make it easier to access the information: Workers’ wellbeing, Workers’ voice, Management systems, Health and safety, Responsible recruitment and outsourcing, Environmental sustainability, and Sustainable communities.

In 2024, we have already shared two best practices; the first one “Canal Foros: The grievance management tool for the sector” presented by Frutas Alhambra, which highlights that the channel is implemented and in operation, achieving the establishment of a grievance channel that works quickly and with a high problem-solving capacity, and also complies with the legislation.

The second best practice of 2024 is “R&D&I in the AOP operational programs”, and was shared by Unica Group, who highlight that a practical impulse was given in the implementation of social dialogue thanks to the training workshops, with both committees cohesioned and motivated to build a better company, and engaged in the co-creation of a social dialogue manual.

If you are interested in learning more about our best practices collection, please visit our web site at: https://foroscomercioetico.com/en/best-practices-collection/