Only 5 days left!

Oct 31, 2020 | News | 0 comments

On November 5th we will deliver our next Regional event, that, due to the circumstances of the pandemic, will be online. The theme of the event is “Social, Economic and Environment Sustainability at the fresh food industry”. The content of the event includes 4 blocks:

  1. Environmental Sustainability with a WWF expert presentation and best practices presentations by 4 different companies attending.
  2. Economic Sustainability including a debate on the New Food chain Act with a representative from the Agriculture Ministry, Jose Miguel Herrero, General Manager of Food Industry, and sector representatives such as Proexport, Interfresa, ASAJA, Aceitunas Guadalaquivir representing the olives industry and the UK retailer Sainsburys. Also we will have a Brexit expert presenting an overview on what is coming next year.
  3. Social Sustainability including expert presentations on “Gender and Climate Change” by BSR & “Gender data collecting” by SEDEX and the Forums Working Groups updates and new outcomes including “The Harassment Prevention and Action Protocol” that will be presented by members of this working group.
  4. Health Sustainability that will be delivered after lunch break and includes a presentation on Covid-19 Contingency Plans and different practical business cases where HR managers from 3 companies will share their experiences facing Covid19 cases at their sites.

We hope to see you there and that you enjoy the day with us.