Online Seminar “Covid-19: Best Practices”

Jun 8, 2020 | News | 0 comments

On June 3, six representatives of the sector presented the best practices that their companies have been implementing in their facilities to deal with the Covid-19.

Eighty-four attendees were connected to this online session organized by FCE, who attended the interesting explanations offered by Miguel Angel Moya  (Frutas Alhambra), Fina Fernández (Primaflor), Serafina Giménez (Martinavarro), Ángeles Gil (Cobella), Rosa Sánchez (Ecoinver) and Belén Díaz (Guadalquivir Olives – Agolives).

The different measures focused on workers, factories, warehouses and machinery, and even external workers who access the facilities were exposed to all of them.

After the presentation of the six participants, a colloquium was established in which queries were raised and where information was also provided by the attendees.

27% of the attendees stated that they would soon implement some of the ideas presented during the session, while 82% stated that they had implemented at least one measure similar to the many that were shared.

In addition, 10 of the companies that attended were encouraged and offered to share their good practices in future meetings.