Online Seminar: Climate – Carbon Footprint

May 21, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Last Thursday, May 20th, the Ethical Trade Forums organized their third online seminar of the year, in which the Climate and Carbon Footprint were discussed. The main objective of this seminar was to raise the issue of climate change, this being an issue that leads us to ask ourselves how sustainable our agriculture is and what is the impact of the carbon footprint on our crops.

On this occasion we have three guest experts: Sergio Ballesteros (ECOTERRAE) talked us about the organization’s carbon footprint, Albert Duaigües (RawData) who discussed the issue of environmental footprints in agricultural production and Rafael Seseña (AM Fresh Group) who shared a best practice on the calculation of emissions in the field, and comparisons by using the Cool Farm Tool.

After the presentations, the time was opened for debate in which the question, from the point of view of the companies that are not facing this issue in terms of the calculation, reduction or compensation of the carbon footprint, of how the companies have to prepare and what challenges they may encounter along the way was raised.

Our guest speakers agreed that to apply the tools and obtain data to be able to carry out the corresponding actions, it is essential to keep an updated record in the field notebooks, with a specific traceability to be able to use them in order to establish an action plan.

You can access both the recording of the seminar and the presentations in our Private Area.

We want to thank the Sustainability working group for their collaboration in the organization and idea of ​​holding this seminar.