Online seminar: Canal Foros

Mar 15, 2024 | News | 0 comments

On Thursday, March 14, between 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm, 60 people were pleased to participate in the first 2024 webinar, entitled “Canal Foros: ETF grievance mechanism”.

The seminar was guided by Antonio Serrano, Canal Foros Coordinator at ETF, who introduced the topic and presented a summary of the characteristics of this tool.

In addition to this presentation, we had three important participations. The first one was given by José Miguel Morales, Director at Andalucía Acoge, who is one of the members of the recently created Ethics Committee, who told us about the functions of this committee within the Canal Foros, whose objective is to provide its assessment in those grievances in which there is no agreement between the company and the informant on the proposed action plan to resolve them.

Secondly, we had the participation of Alfonso Herias, Program Manager at Ulula, the technological partner with whom the ETF has worked in the development of this tool. Ulula presented some of the features of the platform where grievances are entered, with emphasis on demonstrating how the confidential and anonymous nature of the mechanism is maintained from the point of view of the buyers.

Then, Mar Barreres, HR Business Partner at Bonnysa presented the experience they have had implementing the Canal Foros. Bonnysa began training managers and internal trainers in February, and during March a total of 688 workers have been trained in the use of the tool.

Finally, we had the participation of Sergio Barberá as representative of the ETFA Board of Directors, inviting those who wish to be part of this project to contact the Forums.

We thank all those who presented their experiences at this seminar and encourage them to continue working together, sharing best practices and learning from each other.