Next seminar on “Social Audit Requirements II”

May 10, 2022 | News | 0 comments

On May 19, the next seminar included in the Training Plans of the Ethical Trade Forums will take place, this time to talk about Social Audits (GRASP/SMETA). The conference aims to deepen and broaden knowledge about social compliance systems and is conceived as a second part of the seminar on audits held in 2021. We will talk about what social compliance is and what it guarantees, how to prepare for an audit, what requirements are important and benefits can the most used certifications in the sector bring to our company, among other questions you want to ask.

For the development of the seminar we have the participation of Nolan Quirós, expert in social standards in GLOBALGAP and Soledad González, social auditor with extensive experience in SMETA.

In the call for the event  you can register and point out the doubts you want to clarify or aspects to which you would like special attention to be given. Get in touch with the Ethical Trade Forums if you want to participate even more actively and share a Good Practice that your company has implemented in this regard.

The seminar will take place online,, with an approximate duration of 90 minutes, through Gotomeeting, on May 19, starting at 4:00 p.m.

Looking forward to your attention.