Murcia 2017: ETFs report

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The Ethical Trade Forums back to Murcia in March 2017 organized by Conexión Social and promoted by Sainsbury’s, The Co-operative Food, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Waitrose and ASDA, as well as by different Importing Companies in the United Kingdom.

The session began with the general presentation of Sergio Barberá of Conexión Social, on how the Forum would develop throughout the day. He reviewed the inception of the Forums, their evolution, purpose and direction thereof. He highlighted the stronger role of Importers in pushing and supporting Suppliers and the logistics of these events.

He then made a presentation and review of the Regional Forums held throughout 2016; topics dealt with in each of them, objectives, motivation data, etc. The general conclusions about the topics with which these forums have contributed to companies are:

  • It’s good to share and learn from other companies in the Sector, from successes and mistakes.
  • The Forum helps to understand the requirements that retailers and importers must meet.
  • Encourage participation and build links to work together and improve the well-being of workers in the industry, as well as work towards responsible and sustainable enterprises.

Sergio then gave time to the members of each table to introduce themselves and then gave way to the video summary of the six Regional Forums held in June and October 2016.

Sergio went on to detail the KPIs of the results of the Regional Forums, commenting on the profile of the assistance, as well as the evolution based on the results of the conducting surveys carried out in the June Forums, comparing them with the data that has been asked attendees during the registration. They are data related to the measurement of turnover rate, motivation, etc.

Next, Marisol Margalef from Looije Company presented her practical case of good practices. Marisol explained that Looije has been implementing several activities and has others planned to be implemented in the next season and the result in terms of impact is very positive; These are some of the actions and the impact measured.

➢ Build the Looije Family = Better work environment

➢ Motivation of workers and talent retention

➢ Pride of belonging: Employees boast about working in Looije

➢ Companionship

➢ Recognition

➢ Labor stability = 80% of workers are permanent employees. 60% with seniority of more than 5 years

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En esta área se encuentran almacenados los trabajos en curso y resultados finales de los diferentes Grupos de Trabajo del Foro. Además, puedes encontrar los informes y presentaciones de los encuentros.


In this area, the work in progress and the final outcomes of the different Working Groups of the Forum are stored. Also you can have access to reports and presentations delivered at the events.

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