In June 2015, a group of supermarkets, importers, exporters and producers joined together to launch the Ethical Trade Forums in Spain to establish a non-competitive space where Spanish producers could discuss joint challenges and share best practice on ethical trade issues.

Since then, the Ethical Trade Forums have become established in the Spanish agri-food industry and are now supported by supermarkets and import/export companies from different countries, as well as by sector brands. All these companies make up the group of Members of the Ethical Trade Forums.

All members who join this group commit to embracing the spirit of the Forums, working collaboratively in a non-competitive environment to share both challenges and examples of good practice in implementing the ETI base code, and commit to taking compliance with competition seriously, ensuring that sensitive business information is not discussed or exchanged as part of Forum membership.

They also commit to implement or support the use of good practice examples shared at the Forums, as appropriate, and to respond to requests from Working Groups and the Organisation as required in a timely manner.

Members of the Ethical Trade Forums contribute financially to cover the annual costs of the Forums, thus becoming sponsors.


This commitment is in return for formal participation in an ethical trade initiative in a non-competitive environment to discuss challenges, and the opportunity to work at the industry level to drive improvements in labour standards. In addition to special conditions for access to the Forum Events as well as to the complete information generated in the environment of the Forums, and also the publication of its logo in the Forums material, thus contributing to its visibility.



Formed by three supermarkets, three importers who are members of the Forums, and three coordinators of different Working Groups.

Their role is to develop the short and long term strategies to ensure that the forums achieve their mission and vision in a sustainable way. To this end, they will meet once a quarter or if necessary at the request of any of their members.

It will agree the annual membership fees and approve the planned budget, overseeing and monitoring the budget and performance of the Ethical Trade Forums throughout the year.

It will deal with the issues that cannot be decided in the general calls of the Forum’s Members as they are more numerous, taking decisions that facilitate the functioning of the organisation, such as the results of the work flows and the follow-up of the working groups that aim to achieve objectives, the incorporation of potential sponsor companies, etc.

It is renewed at the end of each calendar year.