The main producers and packers of the Sector actively participate throughout the year, meeting in the Events, which are usually carried out in the areas with the highest concentration of production, (Murcia, Almería and Huelva). In these forums, the participants themselves share their good practices and have addressed, through invited experts and workshops, specific challenges such as:


  • “Social, economic and environmental sustainability in the agro-food industry” (online 2020)
  • “Progressing towards a fair value chain after Covid-19” (online 2020)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (2019)
  • Evaluation of social risks in the company (2019)
  • Equality Plans and anti-harassment protocols (2018)
  • Conflict resolution (2018)
  • Ethical recruitment. Monitoring and control of Labor providers (2017)
  • Collective Agreements and Customer´s Codes of Conduct (2017)
  • Social Audit (2016)
  • Motivation of workers (2016)
  • Sustainable management systems (2015)
  • Inclusive communication for the cohesion of work teams (2015)
  • Labor Risks Prevention (2014)
  • Appropriate management of working hours (2014)
  • The ETI Base Code and the Spanish Labor Legislation (2013)
  • Regular employment, equality and diversity management (2012)



International Forums

The International Forums take place once a year. They include the active participation of representatives of supermarkets and importers, so it is a unique opportunity to meet in person and exchange information on agricultural supply chains clarifying challenges, requirements and progress made throughout the year.