Interpretation of the new legislation related to COVID-19

Jun 10, 2020 | News | 0 comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized all aspects of society. It has left behind a new way of relating to others, a shift in our priorities and, how could it be otherwise, a new regulation of the working environment.

At Ethical Trading Forums we know that sometimes, understanding all the details of new legislation and being able to respond to it with agility can be a real challenge. For this reason, we have organized a new online event to face it: “Interpretation of the new legislation related to COVID-19”.

The presentation delivered by María Victoria Flores, from the Social Connection team, will be complemented by the review of the Forum´s Covid-19 labor aspects tool, and the presence of Jhon Muñoz (Stronger Together) who will speak about the increase in risks in relation to jobs forced from the Covid-19

At the end, and as usual in these events, a colloquium will be held and we will share experiences and doubts.


Thursday, June 18th. 2020. 4.00pm (CEST)

You can register here:

The best environment to share all your doubts or comments about the new legislation and face the new challenges and objectives it brings.