Huelva: First on-site meeting of 2024

Mar 22, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The NH Luz Hotel, in Huelva, was the location for the first on-site meeting of the Forums in 2024, entitled “Middle management and sustainability challenge: plastic packaging”, on Wednesday, March 20. This year the day was reduced, considering a duration of 5 hours, between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

As we announced before the event, this time the objective was to discuss two very relevant topics in a single day; middle management and plastic packaging.

Sergio Barberá (Ethical Trade Forums) opened the event by inviting the 32 attendees to participate actively in the day, sharing their experiences and knowledge.

This opening was followed by Carlos Ruiz de Toro (HR in Doñana 1998), who gave a presentation on the importance of middle management, explaining the challenges and opportunities they face in his company. Carlos offered a metaphor comparing the company to the human body, where departments would be the organs, and the middle managers and workers would be the ones pumping the blood so that the organs work properly.

The Health and Safety Working Group then made three presentations. The first one was given by Carlos Ruiz Ramirez (Project Manager at Oxfam), who shared the Safe Habitus Project, of which the Forums are a member, linking it to heat stress.

In the second presentation, Eric Anderson (Head of Human Rights at Tesco) spoke about heat stress, giving an overview of best practices and methods to deal with it. Then, there was a dynamic where participants discussed the risks of exposure to heat stress, what measures to take, and the impact of these measures on productivity and the role of middle management in this area.

Finally, Edgar Monje-Nicolaas (Responsible Sourcing Manager Americas at Tesco) gave a presentation on transport safety, proposing examples of best practices and reflecting on his own internal policies and processes.

To close the topic of middle management, a practical workshop was held in which a fictitious business case was reviewed, which placed the participants in the role of middle management versus company management. As a result, measures were proposed to improve quality and productivity in the company.

After the coffee break, Paul Earnshaw (Lead Packaging Manager at Tesco) presented his company’s strategy around sustainable packaging. He highlighted the challenges consumers face in recycling packaging in different European countries, and presented the RAG (Red-Amber-Green) system of packaging.

At the end of this part, Víctor Serrano (Ethical Trade Forums) spoke about the new law on contaminated soil waste for a circular economy and its royal decree on packaging and packaging waste. He explained the objectives of the law in terms of prevention, reuse, recycling, marking and extended producer responsibility. This was followed by a group discussion on the challenges faced by companies in the sector in terms of packaging and possible solutions.

To close the day, Sergio Barberá (Ethical Trade Forums) gave a reminder of upcoming events and seminars, and presented the general project of the Forums, with emphasis on training activities and Canal Foros.

We thank all participants and speakers for allowing us to continue sharing experiences and learning together.