Sevilla: high acceptance to the ETFs

Apr 1, 2017 | News | 0 comments

The city of Sevilla again hosted the ETFs organized by Conexión Social and promoted by Sainsbury’s, Co-o, M & S, Tesco, Waitrose and ASDA. The event was attended by the Labor and Social Security Inspector, Blanca González García.

Sergio Barberá, from Conexión Social opened the session with a general presentation of how the Forum would be developed. He continued to give a review on the genesis of the forums, their evolution, purpose and direction of them. He recognized the important role of Importers in the promotion and support of Suppliers. Special mention for Pepo Castilla, of Soloberry, for his management for the assistance of the Labor and Social Security Inspector, Blanca González García.

Aisha Aswani, from The Co-operative, and Jonathan Mason, from AG Thames, gave way to the presentation of ethical trade management in the supply chain from the perspective of large supermarkets and importers.

The following presentations were made by Alessa Rigal, from the Ethical Trading Initiative, and Pía Navazo, from Business and Human Rights. The first presented the ETI organization, the ETI Base Code and the various activities that are being promoted in the world. The second, the results of the “Due diligence investigation in the field of human rights in the Spanish agricultural sector”.

Working Groups

Througout the Forums, there was different workshops to work. The first one, Monitoring of Agencies, was managed by a local expert, Felipe Garoña, from Migrow consultancy. It included a presentation of the business case of the company SAT Río Cinca, delivered by Nieves Martin. The second one, Management Systems, was directed by the Forum developer, Sergio Barbera. The last one, KPI’s, was coordinated by one of the delegates, Pepo Castilla.

Teresa Castro presented the case of good practices of Vitacress, evaluated in a very positive way. Next, Blanca González García, Huelva Inspector of Labor and Social Security, presented her report: “The actions of the Labor Inspection and Social Security Authority in the Agricultural Sector”.

To close the event, Charlotte Curtis, from Marks & Spencer, and Marta Herranz, from Berryworld, thanked all attendees for their commitment and participation and invited them to the next Regional Forums that will take place next June.


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In this area, the work in progress and the final outcomes of the different Working Groups of the Forum are stored. Also you can have access to reports and presentations delivered at the events.

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