Forums Channel is now up and running!!

Nov 13, 2023 | News | 0 comments

We are excited since last Thursday, November 9, we completed the first of the 9 pilot projects to test the Forums grievance mechanism that we have been developing.

On this occasion, the company Biotorres Reyes SL in Almería was the first to take the step, and thanks to the collaboration of Fresca, Manor, Thaner Earth, Murgiverde and of course, the management and workers of Biotorres Reyes, the Forums Channel is now being tested. The Forums Channel is the culmination of the process that began a few years ago by the Grievance Mechanisms Working Group of the Ethical Trade Forums which results were the Grievance Mechanisms Guideline and the proposal to the Forums for the creation of a channel that would be useful to the entire sector.

This Channel has been designed in such a way that, after the tests we are carrying out in these 9 pilot projects, we may say that we continue to provide knowledge from close proximity, avoiding redundancies, helping growers and protecting the rights of workers at the same time, in a manner that issues that may arise on farms and packhouses are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

That is our commitment and that is what we work for, but without the participation of those who take the first steps it would not be possible.


Thank you all and good luck!