First event of 2024

Jan 24, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The first online event of 2024, entitled “Encouraging collaboration on research projects with specialized organizations”, was held on Tuesday, January 23. In an interesting journey that lasted 4 hours, we had a variety of presentations that animated a day aimed at sharing best practices and knowledge.

We started the meeting with a round table integrated by 4 presenters: Joé María Bayo, Head of the Aid Service of the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development in Almería; Raúl Cortés Santos, Coordinator of IDF Activities at IFAPA (Andalusian Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries, Food and Organic Production Research and Training); Andrés Antonio Martínez, Director of IMIDA (Murcian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research and Development); and Victoria Cruz, Head of the Innovation Management Office of the Technological Innovation Center of Coexphal (Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers Organizations of Almeria).

The round table focused on the obligation for OPFH to collaborate in research. Important conclusions were obtained from this, such as the operational programs within the OPFH, where we found incentives that seek to increase R&D&I from 2% to 5%, thus increasing investment from 50% to 80%.

The need for the sector to see this as an opportunity rather than an obligation was also highlighted. Through a SWOT analysis we were able to realize the advantages of joining interests and seeking efficiencies in research among the OPFH. The relevance of raising these issues based on the key areas of research and using the institutes and their experiences for this purpose was highlighted, since they are the ones who understand and bring together the interests to favor the competitiveness of the OPFH.

In addition to these topics, José Antonio Muñoz, Coordinator of the Grants and Public Aid Department of Unica Group, shared with us the best practices in which they have participated in collaborative research and investments in sustainability.

Towards the end of the day, we focused on presenting advances in some of our projects, where Quintin Lake (Executive Director of Fifty Eight) and Silvi Navarrete (Head of Sustainability at SVZ), talked about their experience working with labor migration with circular itinerary within the APP Foros.

Finally, we presented a summary of the progress of the working groups, as well as the proposed training plan for 2024, with options for training actions aimed at middle management, executives and workers in general.

On Thursday, January 25, we will hold the second meeting of the year, where we hope to continue sharing knowledge and best practices with all attendees.