FCE-Seminar “Communication strategies for conflict prevention and management in organizations in the agro-food sector

Nov 10, 2020 | News | 0 comments

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is conflict resolution. Especially in times of uncertainty and change like the ones we are experiencing,

it is essential to know how to identify uncomfortable situations such as discomfort among colleagues or personal frustration, and to have the tools and knowledge to face them as successfully as possible.

With the aim of continuing to build together, the Ethical Trade Forums present a new seminar, “Communication strategies for the prevention and management of conflicts in organizations in the agro-food sector” in which Rosa Mª Torres Valdés, Professor of Communication and Social Psychology at the University of Alicante will look in depth at these situations and how to deal with them.

It will be held on Tuesday, 24 November at 10.00am. (CEST)

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