Fantastic balance of the International Event of Ethical Trade Forums

Jun 14, 2022 | News | 0 comments

We are proud of what we achieved on June 8, 2002, when we held the annual International  Event of Ethical Trade Forums, dedicated to responsible and balanced supply chains.

More than 150 professionals from the agri-food sector, coming from different parts of Spain and abroad, met in Granada with the common objective of exchanging points of view and working together to cause a positive impact in the sector and in society as a whole.

The Ethical Trade Forums organized an event that managed to put professionals from all levels of the agri-food sector in contact. Through an extensive program, which included presentations, workshops, debates, expert panels and other interesting activities, they managed to offer attendees a broad perspective on the Food Chain Law, the European Directive on Due Diligence, the various compliance and responsible purchasing practices.

Producers, large supermarkets, workers, exporters, businessmen, union organizations and representatives of two Spanish ministries participated in the International Meeting, among others. In addition, companies linked to the Ethical Trade Forums shared ideas, experiences and projects to publicize their initiatives aimed at promoting social dialogue within the company, improving the responsible use of ETTs and streamlining complaint management mechanisms in the Workplace.

Participatory workshops, updating of the Working Groups, discussion tables and new objectives to be achieved by the Ethical Trade Forums, completed the agenda of an event in which we resume direct international dialogue, a unique opportunity to present the concerns of the sector, seek solutions together and work to achieve an increasingly committed agri-food industry.

We want to thank all the sponsors who support this project and, on this occasion, especially to Dole Food Company and Frutas Alhambra for their decisive support for the development of the International Meeting “Working towards responsible and balanced supply chains”.

We continue to work to be a benchmark in the sector.