ETI visits Seville to see Canal Foros.

Feb 14, 2024 | News | 0 comments

ETI is a leading alliance of trade unions, NGOs and companies, working together with key stakeholders to promote practical solutions to end the abuse of human rights at work.

Because its mission is to advocate for the most vulnerable workers, and to work to drive engagement, challenge barriers to change and ensure respect for human rights at work, its activities are directly related to the Ethical Trade Forums.

The existing alliance between both entities has allowed us to work together for years in different projects, so we are currently working closely on initiatives such as the Canal Foros. Thanks to this collaboration, this week we had the visit of Sara Petterson, ETI Consultant Programme Manager, and Nathaniel Rosenblum, ETI Impact Advisor, who traveled from Italy and England respectively to Seville to hold a series of meetings and activities related to the management of the Forums.

The reason for the visit is to align perspectives, as they are sponsors of Canal Foros, and have a broad vision of these issues through their “Comprehensive Model” project, particularly on the prevention of modern slavery.

The agenda for these days includes a meeting between the Ethical Trade Forums and the two ETI representatives that took place on Monday, February 12.

On Tuesday 13, we visited some of the companies in which we have already implemented the Canal Foros, where we conducted training sessions on the use of the tool, carried out at workers accommodation. With these trainings we had an impact of 87 participants distributed among the companies Lucena Fruit and Tierras del Condado.

While the trainings were taking place, the management of each company held a meeting with ETI and the Coordinator of Canal Foros, to discuss the internal management systems, how to strengthen them, and the impact that a tool like this can have within the company.