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Jul 1, 2020 | News | 0 comments

We are pleased to inform you of the celebration of the next Ethical Trade Forums whith theme : “Progressing towards a fair value chain after Covid-19”. This is the first online forum that we organize, due to the situation in which we find ourselves due to the pandemic.

The online meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 14 in the morning, from 9:00 h. to 14:00 h. and in the afternoon, from 15:45 h. to 17:00 h. To facilitate attendance, it will be repeated on Thursday, July 16 at the same time, although much of the morning session, which includes the presentations of the working groups, the expert’s presentation and the subsequent debate, will be broadcast on tape. As you already know, the Ethical Trade Forums are focused on personnel with responsibility for managing the well-being of workers in companies, both in the field and in warehouses and handling warehouses, and their objective is to share experiences and debate on the matters that concern the daily work of our environment, jointly search for new ideas or practices to implement in companies and work as a team to improve working conditions in the agricultural sector, also incorporating the particularities that the Covid-19 has brought to our lives.

This initiative has the support of an important number of supermarkets and importers / brands, as well as the active participation of other groups of interest such as trade unions, growers’ associations, social organizations and labour authorities that also participate in our meetings. It also has the active participation of the main producers and packers of the Sector.

For technological reasons, the available connections will be limited, having preference those companies that are suppliers and are invited by one of the Forums sponsors.

This the registration link:

Please make the registration indicating the day you plan to attend. As usual, we will have a waiting list to manage additional registrations at the email address indicated below. For any questions please send an email to the following email: