Ethical Trade Forums meets with specialised press at Fruit Attraction

Oct 7, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Within the framework of the Fruit Attraction event held in Madrid from 4 to 6 October, the Ethical Trade Forums held a meeting with some representatives of the technical press of the sector at the AGROMARK stand.

SIETE AGROMARKETING, MERCADOS magazine and FRESH PLAZA, shared the presentation made by Cristina Navarro, head of Human Resources of AGROMARK and Sergio Barberá, Director of the Ethical Trade Forums, in which the characteristics of the initiative, the structure, organization and purposes of the newly created association were detailed, as well as the mission on which all efforts are focused by the member companies of the Forums and by the groups of interest participating in this initiative.

With this communication encounter, the Forums intend to transfer to the sector the work that is being done and the need to maintain a constant and fluid collaborative gear, in order to meet social and ethical objectives, and identify new challenges that will have an impact on the improvement of the companies in the sector and their workers.

During this presentation other members of the Board of Directors of the Forums made an appearance at the stand.


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