“Ethical Recruitment, Induction and Welcome Protocol” new Ethical Trade Forum Online Seminar

Sep 1, 2021 | News | 0 comments

On Tuesday 14 September at 16:00 h (CEST) we will retake the online training programme that Ethical Trade Forums is developing throughout 2021 for companies in the sector.

The topic will be “Ethical Recruitment, Induction and Welcome Protocol” and will cover the recruitment process, the induction programme and agency workers, among others.

Leonie Schmid and Louise Herring will be delivering this presentation, answering questions from the audience and presenting some of the useful tools developed by the Food Network for Ethical Trade (FNET) to which they are both involved.

FNET is a supplier-led initiative aiming to use the collective leverage of suppliers and retailers to bring about positive change in global food supply chains working conditions by providing guidance, resources, training and opportunities for collaboration.

Leonie Schmid (Fairsultancy), is a human rights and gender equality specialist with experience in apparel, footwear and agricultural supply chains and currently provides technical support to the Food Network for Ethical Trade (FNET).

Louise Herring (Herring Consultancy) is a specialist in ethical trade, modern slavery and human rights. She runs the Food Network for Ethical Trade (FNET) and provides training for the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and Stronger Together.

As usual, to complete the content of the seminar that will be delivered in Spanish, a company from the sector will present its good practice.

Around eighty attendees have already registered at the following registration link: https://contratacioneticaprotocoloinduccionybienvenida.eventbrite.es