ETFA presents its training program for 2024

Jan 29, 2024 | News | 0 comments

In the online events that took place on January 23 and 25, we shared with all attendees the training program that we have prepared for 2024.

Through a practical and participative methodology, which proposes permanent communication and feedback between the training entity and the company/cooperative, we try to generate a space in which training participants can learn and develop their skills and competencies. The topics on which we have based our training plan are those that our associates and stakeholders have indicated as priorities in questionnaires and activity evaluation surveys.

Within the training plan, we have 3 main groups, each one targeted to a specific segment of positions:


1. Middle management: 4 training actions that share a common vision of people leadership.

  • Social compliance: 4 hours
  • Communication: 4 hours
  • Motivation: 4 hours
  • Teamwork: 4 hours


2. Managers: 3 training actions that share a common vision of team leadership.

  • Certifications and social audits: 8 hours
  • Sustainability and environment: 8 hours
  • Leadership and people management: 8 hours


3. Workers: 4 training actions targeted to different segments of workers.

  • Canal Foros – Grievance Management: 4 hours (all workers)
  • Heat stress: 4 hours (Supervisors / Workers)
  • Social management systems: 4 hours (all workers)
  • Law against forced labor: 4 hours (Supervisors / Managers)


We also included in the training plan a 16-hour workshop on “Social dialogue in works committees”, targeted at company and worker’s representatives. The purpose of this workshop is to implement best practices for social dialogue, planning and guiding negotiation in the company.

On the other hand, we emphasize flexibility as a characteristic of this proposal, since each training action can be adapted to the emphasis that the company wants to give it. In addition, each topic can be expanded in new sessions that cover it in detail. Flexibility does not only refer to the topics, but also to the dates and the distribution of training hours.

Finally, we highlight the possibility of using Fundae credits to pay for these sessions, and, in addition, members of the Ethical Trade Forums Association have reduced prices, with a 40%-60% discount on all training sessions.

If you are interested in these topics, or wish to know how to implement any of these training actions in your company, please contact us at