ETF end 2020 with the online Seminar “BREXIT and its effect on the agro-food sector”

Dec 23, 2020 | News | 0 comments

On December 17, the Ethical Trade Forums closed their seminars programme with an interesting session on the Brexit, which was attended by 164 people.

The session was conducted by Manuel Samper, Administrator and head of the Customs Agency Manuel Samper SLU and Karine Brück, from the company Karine Brück International, which specialises in advising on the internationalisation process of companies.

Karine Brück opened the session by making a general introduction about the Brexit, presenting the main points of friction within the negotiation and informing about the agreements taken by the United Kingdom and the European Union recently on this matter. In this way, she pointed out the framework of rules, regulations and administrative management that will be applied to agri-food products in this new scenario and which Manuel Samper discussed in detail.

The second part of the presentation delivered by Manuel, consisted of an expert and thorough analysis of the customs consequences of Brexit; current situation and evolution towards the new situation, tariff rates, requirements for imports and exports, characteristics of road exports, phases of gradual application of Brexit, etc.

To close the discussion Karine presented two case studies for the export of blueberries and tomatoes to the United Kingdom which served as specific examples.

The Seminar ended with a very extensive round of questions from the audience, which both, Manuel and Karine kindly answered.

The presentations of the speakers are available (only Spanish) to our members in the private area.

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