“Dynamic, complete, constructive and very interesting”, the qualities that define the 2022 Regional Meetings

Apr 4, 2022 | News | 0 comments

With the event held in Huelva, the Regional Meetings organized by Ethical Trade Forums in 2022 come to an end, a call that has served to meet again in person and that has brought together dozens of professionals from agri-food companies around a topic hot news: the Labor Reform. In order to delve into the analysis of the new legal framework and study the impact that its application could mean for companies in the primary sector, Sergio Barberá, director of Social Connection, Luciano Gómez, from UGT FICA Huelva and Juan Ángel Rivera Zarandieta, legal adviser of FRESHUELVA.

The debate, plural and very participatory, corresponds to inaugurate a day in which the responsible management of working hours was also discussed and a workshop was developed aimed at deepening the relationship between productivity and working hours.

The event included the presentation of Good Practices, by Inmaculada Conejo, from Lucena Fruit, Alba Ramírez, from Flor de Doñana and Francisco Díaz Ojeda, from Tierras del Condado, who wanted to share with the attendees the successful initiatives that are being carried out out in their companies.

In addition, the Sustainability Working Group, represented by Alejandro Marín, from DPS Ltd and Víctor Serrano, from Conexión Social, presented a workshop in which the participants shared their experiences in “Efficient water management” and sought sustainable solutions. To deal with the scarcity of water resources.

Almería, Murcia and Huelva have been the enclaves chosen to meet again. From the Ethical Trade Forums we want to thank all the attendees and speakers for their participation and remind you that we continue working to achieve, together, the objective of achieving a positive impact for companies in the sector.

The videos/presentations of the different Working Groups, the shared Good Practices and the presentations by experts that have been offered during the Regional Meetings are available on this website.