Communication group of Spain Ethical Trade Forums

Apr 20, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Having a good Communication tool is important in order to make visible the actions that take place throughout the year at the Forums.

In addition to the periodic meetings in Huelva, Almería and Murcia, and the international meetings in Seville and Murcia, for the past few years a collaborative network developed by the Working Groups has been growing around the forums, consolidating the Forums action lines gradually and helping growers to reaching their objectives.

Within these groups conformed by volunteers from the companies involved, there is the Communication Working Group, conformed by representatives from different regions and with the aim of giving visibility to the Forums work through the different communication platforms that are currently active. The Group is also responsible for implementing some planned actions such as the Best Practices Awards for 2021.

In support of this group, Jesús Ollero, a professional journalist has joined the team recently. He will give an important boost to the group. We want to extend our warmest welcome.

Of course, this group has room for anyone who wants to participate, in which case you should contact to: