Canal Foros: The last capacity building of 2023

Dec 27, 2023 | News | 0 comments

On December 26 we conducted the last capacity building of the year within the pilot project Canal Foros, our grievance management mechanism.

This time we were in Morcillo Moguer directly training 54 people, divided into two groups. One of them at the Flor de la Jara farm (located in Bartolomé de la Torre), and the other group at the Morcillo Moguer farm (located in Moguer).

Among these 54 workers, there are 4 who will become trainers for their own colleagues, reaching a total of approximately 100 employees trained in the use of the tool.

With these 4 new trainers, we have a total of 23 people who have been prepared to train their coworkers in the 5 companies that are participating in the pilot project.

We appreciate and congratulate Morcillo Moguer for their enthusiastic participation in the project and invite other companies to join this initiative by clicking on this link.