Canal Foros Progresses: 4 companies have already participated in the pilot project!

Dec 19, 2023 | News | 0 comments

On December 13, we were training the employees of the fourth company participating in the Canal Foros pilot project; our grievance management mechanism. This time, it was Frutas Alhambra, where we trained 141 of their employees, including the person in charge of the channel.

In high season, Frutas Alhambra employs around 167 workers in Novelda, so with this capacity building, we have reached almost 85% of them.

On this occasion, as in previous ones, we have provided direct training to workers and also train-the-trainer sessions. At the moment, we already have 19 people prepared to train their co-workers in the 4 companies that are participating in the project.

We appreciate and congratulate Frutas Alhambra for deciding to participate in this pilot project and for always supporting the initiatives of the Ethical Trade Forums. Additionally, we invite those who wish to join this initiative to do so through this link.