Canal Foros moves forward in 2024

Jan 30, 2024 | News | 0 comments

The grievance management mechanism, called Canal Foros, collects, anonymously and confidentially, the grievance of the workers, and of the different stakeholders of the companies and cooperatives that implement it. The channel seeks to resolve these situations, helping the informant and the entity to understand the issue and solve it in a satisfactory and safe manner, complying with the legal requirements in this regard, both Spanish and European.

Some of the characteristics that users highlight most about this tool are that it is confidential and anonymous, it has different channels for communicating each case, and it is a collaborative multi-actor system.

Like any significant project, this mechanism has started with a pilot evaluation phase that began its implementation in November 2023, and continues to progress so far in 2024.

At the moment, there are 5 companies where the Canal Foros has been implemented. Seven training sessions have been held for key account managers and users, which have had an impact on 261 workers trained directly by the Forums. We also have 23 internal trainers trained by the Forums, who will be responsible for training their own co-workers in the use of the tool. As a result, 730 workers are now covered by this mechanism.

In 2024 the pilot continues to advance in different areas; we began the year with the hiring of the new Canal Foros Coordinator, who is already working focused on making progress with the companies that are interested in implementing the mechanism. On the other hand, technological improvements are being made as a result of the pilot implementations, and soon we will be training more workers belonging to the companies that have already registered to be part of this initiative.

One of the last activities we have carried out, and which is directly related to the Canal Foros, was an online event held on January 25, which was entitled “Canal Foros – The grievance management tool for the sector”. During this event, the legal requirements to be met by the grievance mechanisms, the characteristics that differentiate this mechanism from others, and also the experiences of some companies that have already implemented this tool were presented. Within this day, we asked the participants what type of channel they think the workers of their company would prefer to report a grievance, and the majority response was 78% WhatsApp, followed by 18% phone call, and 7% web page.

If you are interested in implementing Canal Foros in your company, or if you wish to have more information about this topic, you can do it through this link.