About Us

A space of trust, a laboratory of experiences, a collaborative initiative

After some small events that started in 2012, the ETHICAL TRADE FORUMS were officially launched in 2015 with the aim of creating a safe space where growers and packers of the agri food sector could share experiences and discuss the challenges related to working conditions in the sector. The purpose was to jointly seek new ideas and share good practices to be implemented in the participating companies working as a team to improve labor conditions in the sector.

These meetings were targeted to managers, directors and key operational personnel, responsible for human resources and managing workers at production sites.

Step by step, the Forums grew and opened the doors to a wider range of stakeholders who, with their knowledge and constructive participation, joined this initiative.

At the end of 2020 we reached 34 events, with over 1734 participants in our 6 years of life. Among all the participants, some are part of working groups that collaborate building solutions to the challenges posed. IN 2020 the Forums launched an ambitious Continuous Capacity Building Plan.

The Ethical Trade Forums key pillars are Meetings, Capacity building and Working Groups.