The Ethical Trade Forums organized an online seminar on Conflict Resolution

Jul 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments

On July 19, the online seminar “Conflict Resolution II. From theory to practice”, by Rosa Torres Valdés, professor of Communication at the University of Alicante and expert in mediation, who was accompanied by Mª Carmen Cano, director of Human Resources at SAT EUROSOL. The conference, which took place online, aimed to guide professionals from production companies in the agri-food sector in prevention and how to manage complex situations of labor tension, emphasizing the need to seek solutions in which all parties can express themselves in order to achieve a participatory dialogue focused on bringing positions closer together.

The day was completed with the participation of Mª Carmen Cano, who shared with the attendees the experience that is being developed in SAT EUROSOL. The publication of the Implementation and Support Guide for companies and workers, prepared by the Social Dialogue Group of the Ethical Trade Forums, was the starting point from which the first steps towards improving the working environment began to be taken. The presence of impartial observers in the works council election processes or the holding of two workshops on the Effective Implementation and Improvement of Social Dialogue in the Company are just some of the initiatives developed, although there is already a commitment to continue co-creating and learning together to advance the conflict resolution process.

Like all the seminars organized by the Ethical Trade Forums, “Conflict Resolution II. From theory to practice” is available in the private area of ​​our website.