Results: emotional and economic compensation

Jun 8, 2023 | News | 0 comments

During the regional meetings in March 2023, a group activity was conducted to work on emotional and economic compensation. As an exercise, a mapping of emotional and economic compensation activities was carried out based on their impact and feasibility with the attendees of the event in group tables. The exercise was highly participatory, and the aggregated results suggest a total of 34 different activities to promote emotional compensation in the company.

After a process of aggregation and standardization, we combined the results offered from both the workers’ and the company’s perspectives, framing them in an impact/viability graph, and attempted to identify activities that would enhance emotional/economic compensation and be popular among both the company and the workers, while having a high impact and feasibility.

In the results report, also published in the private area of our website, we provide all the details of the exercise and a comprehensive mapping of the activities discussed during the dynamics. Activities such as in-house training, flexible working hours, designated spaces within the company, and initiatives to promote work-life balance are among many other activities considered to have high impact and feasibility, which companies and workers can try to implement to foster a better work environment. There were also some activities considered to have high impact for some but not for others.

It is clear that each individual, depending on their personal, family, economic, or work situation (among many others), will value economic and emotional compensation activities differently (and the same applies to companies depending on their situation). Based on the conclusions, participants’ responses, and the sharing that took place during the dynamics, the subjectivity, approach, and importance that workers and companies want to give to aspects of economic and emotional compensation should be based on consensus and the perception of which activities are more viable and have a greater impact in each company.