Results of the regional event: “Adequate wage & social benefits and strategies for its implementation”

Apr 3, 2023 | News | 0 comments

One more time the Ethical Trade Forums Association regional events took place along last week, being main the topic discussed: “Adequate wage & social benefits and strategies for its implementation”.

On this occasion, they were held in Huelva on Tuesday, March 28, in Murcia on Thursday 30 and finally, on Friday 31 in Almeria.

With an active and dynamic participation in each and every one of them, it was attended by many representatives of ETFA member companies, as well as several stakeholders, including unions, social organizations and representatives of administrations and agricultural associations.



As part of a wide content agenda and interesting speakers, in Huelva as a novelty, we have a relevant talk given by Armando Martínez Videla, from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía, about the social conditionality of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and that, after a dialogue in which the impact that this issue will have from 2024 was understood,  he kindly offered to hold an online seminar later this year.

We were also able to see first-hand new facilities under construction with the aim of accommodating workers during the seasons, challenges in companies in the field of plastics and ended the day with a lively Workshop on Social Dialogue.


In Murcia, the day began with a notable panel of experts led by Javier Rojas Aragón from Garrigues SLP and Ramón Inarejos Montiel, representative of the trade union UGT, in which the impact on companies that exercise the new regulations that apply both inside and outside the workplace was analyzed.

Topics such as the profitability of measures that improve the emotional salary in companies and the water situation in the region of Murcia, had their own workshop.


In Almeria, the day had experts on its panel with two outstanding professionals, Salvador Sánchez from Salma Asesores and Javier Castaño CCOO unión representative, who were reviewing the negotiation of the different collective agreements in the sector. The general vision was to understand the need for this negotiation between agreements to be successful to allow us to offer a reliable reference at the management level for companies.

There was also the participation of IFAPA (Andalusian Institute of Agricultural, Fisheries, Food and Organic Production Research and Training), which in addition to a presentation on its project, developed a workshop on inorganic waste management that aroused great interest among the attendees.


Among other topics on which work was carried out throughout these three intense days, it is worth mentioning the articulation of legislation for the integration into companies of people with different abilities, which was deeply addressed by professionals and specialists in the field.

As conclusions about the central theme, the attendees made an analysis in the three events on the impact and viability of the social benefits that are being applied in the sector. Highlighting some of them for their double positive impact on both companies and workers, such as flexible hours, or extra remuneration based on productivity or other initiatives that motivate workers and in turn encourage their loyalty to the company, thus helping to maintain talent.

Once again, during these three days, experiences, initiatives and ideas were exchanged and everyone was able to take away with them to incorporate and share them in their companies.